Tandem Theory Launches Model Marketing Concept with Industry Veterans Kirwan, McCartin, Hagen and Cox

News / 2018.12.18

DALLAS (December 18, 2018) — Integrated marketing services firm Tandem Theory is re-launching its Dallas-based operation as a new, next generation marketing agency model led by industry veterans Mike McCartin, Dave Kirwan, Tony Cox and Tandem Theory founder Michelle Hagen. The organization’s mission is to partner with clients to deliver profitable business value while also being one of the industry’s most sought-after employers of choice.

“Tandem Theory has always been known for using its’ expertise across digital disciplines to foster customer devotion and drive sales,” said Michelle Hagen, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Tandem Theory. “Now, we are adding a greater depth of business strategy, full-stack technology integration, data and analytics as well as enhanced customer delivery in a more entrepreneurial, employee-owned business that moves with the speed, accuracy and efficiency that clients demand.”

Founded in 2013 in response to the shifting post-modern marketing landscape, Tandem Theory has a growing client roster that included Del Frisco’s Restaurant Group, Cava/Zoe’s Kitchen, Sabre, Teladoc Health, Petmate, At Home, Smoothie King, Sally Beauty, On The Border, Iron Mountain and BSNSports. The firm is organized around the theory that facing an increasingly complex marketing environment requires working more seamlessly with clients to reduce friction, generate momentum and achieve goals faster.

Tandem Theory has established fundamental strengths in delivering strategic, well-targeted and engaging content for its’ clients over the five years since its inception,” said new Tandem Theory CEO Dave Kirwan. Kirwan founded successful marketing start-ups The Forbes Group and RAZOR before the latter was acquired and renamed Ansira to reflect the integration of RAZOR and NSI Marketing Services.

Kirwan added: “We have already expanded the scope of our client service lines, added a more robust strategic, data and analytics core and deepened our technological scope with the integration of a company we recently acquired called Experiom, led by another industry veteran, Tony Cox. “All our enhancements are designed to build more effective and more profitable customer relationships.”

Kirwan, Cox and Hagen are joined by former Javelin Agency CEO Mike McCartin who rose through the ranks of Omnicom to lead the customer relationship marketing agency through over 15 years of consistent growth. McCartin will serve as Chief Operating Officer for Tandem Theory and said: “Simply by activating a more relevant, new marketing model that addresses client needs with talented people to deliver on it, we've already added three new clients that have tripled the size of the organization. Clients need what we offer.”

Tony Cox has more than 25 years of internet solutions, technology and development experience managing U.S.-based and offshore technical development teams. He has a broad base of technical knowledge including distributed, high volume, cloud-based Web sites, Microsoft and open source projects.

About Tandem Theory

Tandem Theory is a new, hybrid agency model that combines the best of the consulting, marketing and technology worlds under one roof. Tandem Theory leverages business strategy, data and analytics, omni-channel marketing and full-stack technology integration to bring our clients’ brand promise to life within the customer experience, leading to better business performance. Each of its core disciplines are led by a highly-engaged owner resulting in strong expertise with the cost efficiencies of a flat, nimble organization. Headquartered in Dallas, with offices in Beaver Creek, Colo. and Mumbai, India, Tandem Theory partners with several leading brands, often through innovative, performance-based arrangements, to improve customer engagement and drive increased top-line revenues for its clients.

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