Tandem Theory Celebrates 7th Anniversary with 7 Days of CX Solutions

News / 2020.07.27

Tandem Theory Celebrates 7th Anniversary with 7 Days of CX Solutions


We’re proof of just how far a theory can take you–and how much it can evolve.


To celebrate our seventh anniversary this July, we’re breaking down seven of the core solutions that have led us to the full-service CX agency Tandem Theory is today. Each day is dedicated to insights, best practices, and actionable next steps that brands can leverage for a frictionless customer experience.


Access all 7 Days of CX Solutions below:


Day 1: Find gold in data chaos

Your Roadmap To Thriving In An Analytically Driven World


Day 2: Empathize with the customer

Expectation vs. Reality: Creating Customer Journeys that Actually Work


Day 3: Leverage insights into omnichannel strategies

4 Ways To Reach + Resonate With The Right Audience


Day 4: Identify and remove friction in the customer experience

Are You Making These Top 3 ADA Mistakes?


Day 5: Deliver content that entices

Creative Experience Is The New CX


Day 6: Eliminate gaps in technology

How To Evolve With The Martech Landscape


Day 7: Continuously optimize and improve

Better, Faster, Stronger: 5 CX Optimizations For Every Site


Seven years have brought a lot of fun, hustle, and growth. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished together and excited for what the next seven+ hold.


Want to join us? Become a Theorist or email info@tandemtheory.com to learn more about how our CX solutions can help drive your results.