Putting Data to Work for Post-COVID Success

News / 2020.04.29


April 29, 2020 


Putting Data to Work for Post-COVID Success

How Studio Movie Grill unlocked the stories in their operational data

to deliver on experience


Dallas, Texas: 

When Studio Movie Grill began working toward data-powered solutions with Tandem Theory, they had a clear goal: Get leaner and more efficient by putting the data from their 35 theater locations to work. They knew that within the data they already held, valuable insights were waiting to be unlocked. Tandem Theory's proprietary cloud-based analytics platform was the key – and not just to streamling operations and increasing profitability. Implementation of Tandem Marketing Analytics Platform (MAP) is also paving the way for a faster, more successful ramp-up for Studio Movie Grill in a post-COVID marketplace.


To accomplish Studio Movie Grill’s goal required a custom build of Tandem MAP as well as a revamp of the operational data flow from individual locations to corporate headquarters. Tandem Theory’s task was to connect, automate, and model Studio Movie Grill’s business data sources, from food and beverage quantities to ticketing, attendance, and point-of-sale transaction data. The result: A one-stop, single source of truth for all location, regional, and corporate KPIs.


Prior to the crisis, Tandem MAP began enabling smarter staffing and resourcing by reporting movie attendance projections, with alerts to the GM if staffing changes are needed. 


The platform also drives menu planning because – unlike how most restaurants receive orders on a rolling basis – at Studio Movie Grill, most moviegoers order all at once near the beginning of the movie. The kitchens needed a way to expedite service for a high volume of orders at once. Based on the movie schedule, attendance and order reporting, Tandem MAP provides insights into projected order quantities to help prep stations better prepare for each showtime.


Through training and a mobile-enabled interface, corporate executives and field management alike can easily access insights and alerts from anywhere based on applied analytics.


“The way we built MAP for Studio Movie Grill encapsulates one of the core principles that drives Tandem Theory’s data sciences practice: Citizen Analytics,” said Tandem Theory VP of Marketing Analytics Brandon Burns. “We believe in delivering narratives over numbers: Every metric has a meaning and a story. Those stories should be readily available and easy for the layperson to access as the needs of the business dictate.”


As new dashboards and processes were built and deployed in phases, Studio Movie Grill was thrilled with the new tools they were able to offer GMs to operate more efficiently and proactively, in near real time. They never imagined that they were also building a smart foundation for business survival through a global health crisis. 


At press time, shelter-in-place orders are still active nationwide, but Studio Movie Grill is still operational, in part because of the exponential savings they’ve created with Tandem MAP. They’ve successfully pivoted to serving food for pickup and delivery from their kitchens, as well as providing access to streamable movies from their website. The Studio Movie Grill experience is still available – but for now, it’s right in your own living room.


On the other side of COVID-19, Studio Movie Grill will return to the exceptional movie and dining experiences they’re known for, and they will be equipped to provide a smooth, supportive work environment as servers and kitchen staff return. 


“We’ve been delivering upgraded movie experiences to millions of guests for decades,” said Studio Movie Grill CTO Mark Patton. “We care about each other and about the guests we serve – that’s why we undertook this project. Now, Tandem MAP is helping us unlock the critical stories in our business data so that we can keep delivering on our brand promise of ‘opening hearts and minds, one story at a time.’”


Now more than ever, Studio Movie Grill knows that intelligent use of data is a critical component of the strategy and forward planning required to be the destination of choice for moviegoers. With newfound agility and adaptability, and with costs now exponentially reduced by the efficient capabilities of Tandem MAP, Studio Movie Grill is uniquely positioned for expedited growth in the post-COVID “new normal” – whatever that turns out to be.


To learn more about how Tandem MAP can automate and apply data to help your business navigate the post-COVID landscape, email info@tandemtheory.com.



About Tandem Theory: Tandem Theory is a customer experience agency that relaunched in 2019. The agency is built on the proven theory that analytics + applied analytics delivers frictionless customer experiences that help marketers drive stronger financial results. 


Tandem executes on this idea by providing solutions that reveal the analytics gold in data chaos, leverage insight into practical omnichannel strategies, remove friction and inconsistencies across the customer experience, and eliminate gaps in technology. We’re driven to excel in these areas by infusing our culture with an unmatched entrepreneurial spirit. 


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