How to Improve Your Digital Presence by More Than 60%

News / 2019.09.13

It’s not often you see a brand jump 63 spots on the L2 Digital IQ Index in the space of one year, but during the time we worked with Zoës Kitchen, they did just that. The L2 Digital IQ Index, which ranks restaurants based on their digital consumer experience, announced Zoës Kitchen had moved from #99 in the 2017 annual report to #36 in the 2018 annual report.

So why the big leap? In 2017, Zoës Kitchen exhibited what L2 qualified as a “feeble” execution of digital marketing and mobile experience. The categories they examined included the website, their ecommerce experience, SEO execution and social media presence. The ranking confirmed what the Zoës Kitchen team already knew – they needed help increasing awareness, differentiating themselves from the competition and implementing a more thoughtful, comprehensive approach.

To affect these changes, Zoës Kitchen partnered with us to create, implement and manage sophisticated strategies for their digital marketing, social media, website and loyalty program efforts. We did this by:

  • Targeting key and distressed markets with display ads and paid search.

  • Creating brand awareness and increasing approachability. We triggered peoples’ appetites for new and best-selling items and hit them when they were hungriest by dayparting approachable “Under $10” messaging to drive lunch orders and traffic.

  • Segmenting audiences for an end-to-end email marketing program and social media. Segments included loyalty status, location (Are they near a store with a test menu?) and market (Is delivery available?).

In the end, our work with Zoës Kitchen impacted much more than just their L2 score. Overall, the campaign beat benchmarks with the display ad campaigns exceeding a 6:1 return on ad spend and paid social delivering a 2:1 return on ad spend. The omnichannel segmentation efforts increased consumer engagement and bumped email open rates from 17% to 22% and click-through rates by more than 66%. Overall, the program saw 60% year-over-year growth. And those results are anything but “feeble.”

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