Harnessing The Power Of Digital To Meet Customers In Crisis

News / 2020.04.23


April 23, 2020 


Harnessing The Power Of Digital To Meet Customers In Crisis

How COVID-19 is impacting consumers and brands


Dallas, Texas: 

With more than 3 billion consumers sheltering at home during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, brands have the equally unprecedented opportunity to speak to a captive audience through digital marketing.


Studies are showing consumers are increasingly dependent on digital media as they socially distance and stay safe at home. Ninety-five percent say they’re spending more time consuming media in their homes, doing things like watching television and playing video games. Seventy percent are spending more time on their phones, and 45 percent are devoting more time to social media. 


On the whole, researchers are forecasting a 13 percent increase in digital spending between 2020 and 2021. And according to Tandem Theory Chief Revenue Officer Mark McKinney, brands should be taking advantage of this opportunity by increasing their own investments.


"Smart marketers will be ramping up digital marketing spends,” said McKinney. “[They should be] taking advantage of the many emerging digital media opportunities such as social media, addressable television, paid search options, and digital out of home. They will also be focused on ensuring their digital experiences via websites, mobile apps, and customer service are stellar." 


How Marketers Can Respond: Email, SEO and Website


Using this time to create email communications that build consumer trust can be an effective way to create brand loyalty. Forty-three percent of customers find it reassuring to hear from brands they trust during the pandemic, and 40 percent want to know how brands are responding to the pandemic.


For a tax prep client, Tandem Theory built trust by issuing reassuring messages through email campaigns that offered tax and financial information and support, shared tax-related COVID-19 updates, and promoted non-profit partnerships. 


As a result, during a time when many businesses are struggling, this client has seen monthly and yearly increases in email engagement. 


Even if you’re not promoting a pandemic-related message, now is still a great time to increase your digital presence, since pandemic-affected countries are seeing a 70 percent increase in web browsing. They’re also seeing a 67 percent increase in online food shopping orders, which is why we worked with one restaurant client to launch a fully-integrated blog for maximum SEO value.


Now might even be a great time to focus on a piece of your business that wasn’t as in-demand until now - especially in retail. In fact, transactions in most retail sectors have seen a 74 percent rise in March year-over-year, and overall commerce sales have risen by 25 percent due to COVID-19.


In light of these insights, Tandem Theory encouraged a retail client to shift their website focus toward essential products. This resulted in a higher website order volume for Easter Sunday 2020 vs. Easter Sunday 2019 and produced positive same-store sales for quarter one.


"It’s important for brands to continue to advertise and market during this period,” said Tandem Theory EVP of Data Science Ray Rosenbaum. “All studies following down periods have shown that companies that continue to market during the downturn are the first and fastest to recover business."


About Tandem Theory: Tandem Theory is a new, hybrid agency model that combines the best of the consulting, marketing and technology worlds under one roof. The agency leverages business strategy, data and analytics, omni-channel marketing and full-stack technology integration to bring our clients’ brand promise to life within the customer experience, leading to better business performance. Each of its core disciplines is led by a highly engaged owner, resulting in strong expertise with the cost efficiencies of a flat, nimble organization. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Tandem Theory partners with leading brands, often through innovative, performance-based arrangements, to improve customer engagement and drive increased top-line revenues for its clients.


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