A Revolutionary Cleaning Product, SurfaceWise2, with a Customer Experience to Match — Tandem Theory Announces New Client, Allied BioScience

News / 2020.10.20



A Revolutionary Cleaning Product, SurfaceWise2, with a Customer Experience to Match — Tandem Theory Announces New Client, Allied BioScience


Dallas, Texas (October 20, 2020): 

Tandem Theory announces innovative Dallas-based biotech firm Allied BioScience as a new client on the agency’s growing roster. The agency kicked off the partnership with the launch of Allied BioScience’s new groundbreaking, COVID-killing product, SurfaceWise2TM. The product received Sec. 18 EPA approval in late August 2020, but Tandem Theory was hard at work preparing Allied BioScience for a successful product launch beginning in early June 2020. 

The team hit the ground running, developing an entire omnichannel customer experience through a new website, a full brand identity for SurfaceWise2 — including the logo, which was featured in Times Square — and much more. Ahead of the EPA’s approval, Tandem also worked to ensure all sales and customer-facing materials were polished and cohesive. 

“We’re thrilled that we had the strategic support, agility and creative thinking of Tandem Theory as we prepared to launch SurfaceWise2,” said Jessica Hilton, chief marketing officer, Allied BioScience. “Their collaboration and preparation of key assets for meetings with the EPA and potential customers allowed our team to focus on bringing this game-changing product to market. We’ve had full confidence they have our omnichannel marketing efforts well under control from the moment we kicked off.” 

As an integrated CX marketing agency specializing in the orchestration of analytics and applied analytics, Tandem supports Allied BioScience with a range of capabilities to function as a true extension of the biotech firm’s marketing team. The agency's strategic thinking and agile execution allow the team to anticipate and prioritize the needs of SurfaceWise2 customers, meeting the high demand and constant change of an emerging market.

“Our partnership with Allied BioScience was a natural fit, as we share their team’s tenacious, entrepreneurial spirit and passion for innovation,” said Tom Millweard, President of Tandem Theory. “We’re thrilled to support their business following the exciting initial EPA approval and look forward to a long partnership highlighting how their cutting-edge product is affecting change and saving lives.” 

To learn more about how Tandem Theory can help your brand achieve its financial goals, email info@tandemtheory.com.


About Tandem TheoryTandem Theory is a customer experience agency that relaunched in 2019. The agency is built on the proven theory that analytics + applied analytics delivers frictionless customer experiences that help marketers drive stronger financial results. 

Tandem Theory executes on this idea by providing solutions that reveal the analytics gold in data chaos, leverage insight into practical omnichannel strategies, remove friction and inconsistencies across the customer experience, and eliminate gaps in technology. We’re driven to excel in these areas by infusing our culture with an unmatched entrepreneurial spirit. 

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Tandem Theory partners with several leading brands. These brands value working with an agency led by a proven team that provides simple but impactful solutions, transparent pricing, and performance-based compensation.


About Allied BioScience: Allied BioScience is a disruptive biotechnology company dedicated to saving lives and livelihoods through revolutionary science and focuses on developing innovative solutions to create cleaner human environments through long-lasting, always-on antimicrobial coatings.

SurfaceWise2TM is the first-of-its-kind, long-lasting product approved by the EPA to help fight the spread of the novel coronavirus. This continuously-active surface coating is applied electrostatically to provide always-on protection on treated surfaces.

Visit www.alliedbioscience.com for more information. 


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