Creative Experience Is The New CX

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Insights / 2020.07.22

Creative Experience Is The New CX


Today’s consumers expect superior brand experiences, and those high expectations are a significant barrier for brands looking to deliver truly exceptional CX. While just one bad experience is enough to turn many people off your brand for good, an intuitive, creative CX presents solutions to answers your customers didn’t even know they had and can transform them from mere customers into brand advocates.


Research from Isobar Global indicates that marketers and brands are embracing a new type of CX to earn this intense brand loyalty: Creative Experience. Their survey of 1,000 CMOs and senior-level marketers found that superior customer experiences have 3 things in common: a consumer-centered business strategy, personalization via data analytics, and innovative use of technology.


But more than anything, the report underlines the importance of creative thinking in developing quality CX for content that entices action — and ultimately, loyalty. Businesses that don’t embrace creative flexibility in the pursuit of a better customer experience are at risk of being left behind.


How creativity contributes to CX


Creativity is more than just a necessary part of developing a good customer experience — it’s a tool for thinking differently about the ways we do business overall. Brands need to invest in big, out-of-the-box creative ideas to build empathetic experiences that trigger an emotional response in customers and drive deeper brand loyalty.


It’s no longer enough for CX to be merely functional, accessible, or convenient — it also needs to generate an emotional connection with users. It needs to inspire feelings of excitement, delight, and even awe in order to create a permanent place for those brands in a customer’s life.


However, 46% of marketers say that they’re currently average, below average, or weak in delivering the kinds of “creativity and big ideas” they need to build a brand and improve their CX in a way that inspires deep loyalty in their customers. Brands will need to further invest in quality creative talent and their team’s ideation capabilities to create experiences that bring real meaning to their customer’s lives. 


For example, when a Dallas-based coffee roaster and restaurant chain was struggling to grow awareness of location openings and new menu offerings during a phase of rapid expansion, Tandem Theory came up with an evergreen, social media-centric content strategy that aligned with their business objectives. By conducting on-site photoshoots and interviews, we built a library of elevated creative assets that enticed customers with their community-centered approach and commitment to quality. By giving our client a unified, compelling brand voice across digital, we saw an immediate 25% lift in social engagement and ultimately generated enough audience buzz to drive a 15% increase in location visits.


Balancing creativity with technology


It’s through the smart fusion of creativity and technology that we can deliver a superior customer experience that doesn’t just bring CX into the digital world, but transforms and augments brand experience beyond what was previously thought possible.


These experiences will naturally evolve as the technologies that facilitate them advance, but top new areas for investment include a seamless online UX, additional payment options, a curated customer experience, and creative branded content. Furthermore, a full three-quarters of marketers have said that they are or are planning to use voice technologies, while two-thirds are using or expect to use AR and/or VR technologies in the near future.


It’s these kinds of cutting-edge technologies that, when paired with the creative ideas necessary to execute them in an elegant and unexpected way, are key to developing a customer experience that truly resonates and entices action.


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