Better, Faster, Stronger: 5 CX Optimizations For Every Site

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Insights / 2020.07.24

Better, Faster, Stronger: 5 CX Optimizations For Every Site


Marketing is a game of attention. And long gone are the days of just having a website being "good enough." In today's rapidly changing market, your website must meet the on-demand nature of your customers while differentiating your offer against those of competitors – both the established and challengers. With so many factors to consider, how does one stand out and stay ahead of the trends?


It's simple – continuously optimize and improve your digital approach. At Tandem Theory, we help our clients design authentic, creative experiences to bring your brand’s products and services to life. Once your website has a perfect balance of intrigue and delight, we retain current customers and entice new ones with a frictionless search and on-site experience that consistently defeats the competition.


But website optimization is not for the feign at heart. It's not a tactic that a platform can ship or a plug-in can do for you. Nor is it a simple line of copy or code. It requires a commitment to continuous improvement.


Here are five ways to apply that commitment to continuously optimize and improve your website:


1. Site Speed

Site speed is one of the best ways to monitor site functionality and can be used as a benchmark for continual improvement. The importance of site speed within Google makes it paramount to a site's search performance and ranking.


Your content management system (CMS) could be to blame for a slow-loading website that affects your ranking. Avoid unnecessary coding and hard coding, instead focusing on well-written code with image optimization.


2. Routine Testing

It's nearly impossible to improve your conversion rate without setting a benchmark. Regular testing allows you to monitor your performance and can inform your marketing strategies over time.


Reviewing site performance from both a content analysis and platform responsiveness standpoint can help determine how well the site is working for your customers and, better yet, stay ahead of conversion friction.


3. SEO Audits and Updates

Regular SEO audits are essential for digital success and can provide a wealth of opportunity to improve and optimize your site’s experience from both a customer and search perspective.


At Tandem Theory, we provide clients with regular SEO reviews and updates to assist with search success, localization of content, and competitive strategy. Within the periodic review, the site is impacted by technical SEO updates for performance and contextual SEO updates to make a stronger search case for your website.


4. Reporting and Analysis Via Goal Setting

There are plenty of reporting tools out there that can provide site optimization reports, but they can be costly. A simple way to review site reporting and see where opportunity exists is to set up goals within your Google Analytics account.


Goal setting is simple and allows you to set the ideal path to conversion for your content, so you can see where users are getting stuck or going off the path to conversion. By setting up reporting via goals, you can quickly determine and remove friction within the site experience for a more seamless customer experience.


5. Plug-In and Tagging Audits

Plug-ins, extensions, modules – whatever your CMS is calling them these days – can help do the heavy lifting, but are they still up to date, functional, and valuable as your site evolves?


The same goes for site tagging. Generally, we include tags for reporting tools, media partners, or analytic needs. It is good practice to routinely review your plug-ins and tags to see if any can be updated or removed for improved site speed and performance.


While these five tenets can support your digital approach, be mindful where the data is leading you to make adjustments that improve the experience from a human perspective as well as a SERP perspective.


At Tandem Theory, our teams work collaboratively with our clients to continuously improve the website experience, stay at the top of search results, and drive rapid conversions across channels. A great agency partner is your best defense, and we are always happy to review your website.


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