4 Ways To Reach + Resonate With The Right Audience

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Insights / 2020.07.20

4 Ways To Reach + Resonate With The Right Audience


Media is ever-changing — and if brands want to stay relevant and engage with consumers, their approach to media has to continually evolve and change as well. Ads are becoming more and more personalized. We’ve all been there: you think of something you need, and the next thing you see is an ad for that product on your Facebook feed or on that food blog you’ve been following. Here at Tandem Theory, we focus on just that.

Our philosophy is to deploy the right media, at the right time, in the right channels, to the right audience. From the beginning, we develop a media strategy that will engage with our client’s brands. We do that by assessing and creating the right media priorities for specific audiences to build a relationship with the brand to last a lifetime. We ensure that the media strategy will deliver on all campaign KPIs and, ultimately, exceed benchmarks. How do we do this? 

It all starts with seeking data-driven insights to find opportunities to make smarter omnichannel planning decisions in four steps:


Step 1: Capture

We start by generating awareness across multiple channels to create buzz and pique customer interest.

Using a combination of our client’s first and third party data, we work hand-in-hand with our data science team to develop targeting segments that will reach the right audience. Then, we create a media mix that places these ads on relevant channels to resonate with the right consumer and build awareness for a brand’s offerings.


Step 2: Influence

Once we’ve captured their attention, we can then speak to customers through refined messaging in the channels that will influence them and encourage engagement. 

To do this, we strategically select tactics and channels that allow customers to engage and react by using refined targeting to reach those who are farther down the funnel. Our media team partners with our creative team to ensure messaging includes a strong call to action to further emphasize and encourage engagement.


Step 3: Convert

Of course, it doesn’t stop there. In an effort to drive engagement and action, we implement hyper-focused targeting based on key segments and priority markets.

This allows us to continue to refine audience segments with a surgical approach to specific markets or locations to move them through the full conversion funnel. By focusing on specific tactics that drive a customer to visit a physical or digital storefront, fill out a form, or make a purchase, we can convert a lead into a customer.


Step 4: Re-engage

The best kind of customer is a highly loyal, always-engaged one. To build this kind of brand + customer relationship, we focus on re-engaging with personalized tactics.

By measuring which customers clicked on an ad, saw an ad and visited the site without clicking, or saw an ad and then searched for the product or brand, we can identify active hand raisers. Brands can succeed by continuing to re-engage with these customers by delivering hyper-personalized ads. Our approach to media can help get you there.


To learn more about how we can apply customer insights to your omnichannel strategies, send an email to info@tandemtheory.com.